Q. DOes HAPPY vesta PURCHASE AND INStall furniture, finishes and fixtures? 

A. No. Happy Vesta can provide the client with a detailed shopping list, but will not purchase any items. The client is responsible for purchasing, receiving and installing their own furniture, finishes and fixtures, or hiring someone to complete the work. The client is also responsible for painting, wallpapering etc. (or hiring a contractor if required). Happy Vesta can help arrange items and furniture if desired, at the regular hourly rate, or as part of the coaching session.

Q. Will happy vesta help source furniture and other objects for my home? 

A. Yes. Happy Vesta can help by selecting and sourcing furniture and/or other items for your home, according to your set budget and conceptual design. These interior design services will be billed at the regular hourly rate. 

Q. DOES happy vesta provide color consultations?

A. Yes. Happy Vesta knows how important the use of color is in a mindful home. Color can be infused into the design in many ways, including (but not limited to) decor, paint, finishes and art. We can provide paint color specifications and small samples, if desired. 

Q. can happy vesta help me set up my home to be more in line with the principles of feng shui? 

A. Yes. As part of the consultation, Happy Vesta can help the client determine which areas of their home are associated with the basic feng shui principles. For example, Happy Vesta can help you select and place objects, furniture and/or art in the "love and relationships" area of your home, to help you focus on attracting love into your life. Happy Vesta will also coach you on how to nurture these spaces with intention on a daily basis. 

Q. Can happy vesta help with vision boards, mindful practice,  affirmations, etc.? 

A. Yes. Happy Vesta has personally seen the powerful change that vision boards and affirmations can bring into one's life. Manifesting a great life (and home) for you is the Happy Vesta mission!