Terms of service

  • Happy Vesta is a place free of discrimination. We welcome working with people of any ethnicity, nationality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or religious preference.
  • While we will do our best to accommodate your request, if Happy Vesta's client load is full, we will add you to a wait list, or may need to refuse service at that time. Our apologies in advance. 


  • Payment is due at the time of service. If additional hours are required beyond what was originally scheduled, the client will be sent an invoice via email. Payment must be received within seven (7) days of the invoice date.  
  • We accept cash, debit or credit card payments.   
  • Mileage and travel time is included in the hourly fee and/or home coaching package, up to ten miles each way, excluding travel that requires ferry or boat service. Additional miles or transportation fees will be billed to the client. 

gEneral terms - interior design and coaching services

  • Drawings and documents prepared for this project remain the property of Happy Vesta and cannot be used without permission of the designer. The designer will provide the client with a copy of drawings/documents if the client requests for their personal collection.

  • The designer maintains the right to photograph the final project, at the expense of Happy Vesta. These photos will be provided to the client in a digital format at no added expense. Happy Vesta retains the right to use these photographs for marketing and documenting purposes, including, but not limited to: website, printed advertisements, competition entries and magazine articles. The anonymity and privacy of the client will be respected and observed at all times. If the client is uncomfortable with this policy, the client may discuss this with Happy Vesta at any time, and their wishes will be considered and respected.

  • Happy Vesta will not be responsible for the recommendation or hiring of contractors, architects or other technical advisors for this project. In good faith, the designer will assist the client whenever possible in locating these professionals, but will not be responsible for the performance, quality or timely completion of their work. The designer is also not responsible for changes made by the client's consultants without notification made to the designer.

  • Either party may terminate this agreement upon seven (7) days written notice. In the event of termination by the client, the client agrees to compensate Happy Vesta for all work completed up to the time of termination.

  • The client and Happy Vesta agree that these general terms of service constitutes the complete agreement between the designer and the client. Both parties also agree that disputes are to be handled by a third party arbitrator.

  • The client's signature on a copy of this agreement are necessary before the Happy Vesta can begin the services described, which will be provided to the client at the first meeting.